Sitting here wishing I was some place else,
memories come flooding back, I’m drowning.
Afraid to sleep, I’m in to deep, can’t fight this addiction,
total confliction, it’s killing me.
People sleep to relax, but I sleep and nightmares keep me trapped
Chasing, biting, scratching, fighting to get free,
demons won’t let me be, whats happening, whats happening to me?

Heroin, cocaine, ketamine and dope,
look at me finding it hard to cope.
Hear a knock at the door,
I know this knock, it’s my dealerman for sure.
Doesn’t matter how I dress, always get so much stress,
my dealerman always comes up with the herbal plan,
don’t matter what I do, always treated like a fool.

But try to understand I’m just like you,
you walk by me in the street and call me riff raff,
but you don’t know me.
Catch a reflection of myself in the mirror,
what do I see, a stranger looking back at me.
This was never the way it was meant to be, whats happening to me?

Feeling sad, feeling bad, best brown powder I ever had,
voices in my head, telling me you’re dead,
shacking and hallucinating, false security
running a ten ton truck through my head.
Demons won’t let me be, capturing, captivating me.
Black, everything’s black, O God help me I’m under attack.
O God have mercy I know not what I do,
But wait, I don’t believe in you, or do I?

That was then, this is now,
God changed my life and how?
He took me, out of the darkness into the light,
he gave me the strength that I needed to fight, now I hold on to God so tight,
He gave me a brand new life, my brand new start, I love God with all my heart.
Over two years now I have been free,
God really is the answer, he is the key.

Written by Michelle©

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