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What’s in your wardrobe?
Only 16% of used textiles are recycled in the UK. 63% were disposed of into landfill. The balance of 21%, equivalent to 397k tonnes or just over 6kg per head of population per year, is presumed to be increasing the total stocks of clothing and other textiles held by Householders.

Old Phones Hidden in a Drawer?
The average mobile phone user will replace their handset once every 18 months. It is estimated that less than 20% of all unused mobile phones in the UK are currently recycled. Estimates state that close to 90 million phones are hiding in drawers and cupboards across the UK (11250 tonnes) - these weigh almost six times as much as the London Eye!

1000 years in Landfill
More than 30 million inkjet cartridges are dumped each year in the UK (1800 tonnes) - the same weight as 18 Blue Whales. The plastic used in a typical cartridge is made of engineering grade polymers and is expected to take up to 1000 years to decompose.