Donate    Salvage

This can be one of the most direct and convenient ways to donate regularly to Freedom Social Projects.  Providing your employer offers a payroll giving scheme you can give a regular amount straight from your monthly or weekly income.

If you are in the UK, because the pledged amount is deducted before PAYE tax, the donation is tax-free for you and the tax you would have paid goes to the charity instead.

This means, if you pledge to give £10 a month and pay tax at 22% it only actually costs you £7.80. The benefit is even greater if you pay tax at 40%.

How to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme

Your employer should have payroll giving set up as an option from their payroll department.  If not, it is very easy for this to be set up. They will need to get in touch with a payroll giving organization such as ‘Charities Trust’ to set it up properly. We have already set it up at Freedom and can confirm it was very straightforward.

Once set up you simply need to let your payroll department know how much you want to give and the frequency. Most importantly, you will need to let them know the charity name of Freedom Social Projects and the charity number 1125960.