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The Day Centre is the most well established and well known service of Freedom Social Projects. This is often a busy thriving environment seeing anywhere between 50–75 people during the afternoon. A small team of project workers and volunteers support the clients in a wide range of ways. As you look through the services offered in the rest of this section you’ll begin to get a clearer picture of exactly what goes on.

During 2008 we received over 12,300 visits to the centre from over 1,000 different people all of whom would be experiencing problems in their lives and facing some kind of social exclusion. In the same year we served over 11,000 meals and recorded over 23,000 interventions of help and support demonstrating the value of the Centre to those who use it.

Within the testimonial section of the site you can read what clients say about their experiences of the centre but here’s the comments of one man that we feel sums up the type of support we give:

"I have been coming to Freedom for a while now and they have helped me a lot. I was homeless and staying somewhere which wasn’t safe for me as I have had drug problem and there were drugs all around me. They gave me hot food every day and more help than I was offered anywhere else. I have used drugs for a long time, it’s all I know but they have showed me that there is more to life and encouraged me that I can change. They have accessed funds for me so that I can have a deposit for my own accommodation and helped me find somewhere to live. The staff