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On an ongoing basis we will look to create opportunities for service users to receive training such as the level 2 food safety certificate which is such a benefit for those who move on to become client volunteers. The majority of these training courses will be held at the Freedom Centre making them easily accessible for the clients to engage with although the tutors are likely to be trained professionals brought in for different sessions or for ongoing tuition as appropriate.

The centre has a well equipped training room which is easily adapted to run IT courses, group work or individual 1:1 sessions depending on the needs of the individuals. As with most things at the Freedom Centre Training courses are likely to be needs led and flexibly delivered with the clients needs, aims and objectives being central.

Examples of Training courses that we hope to provide or facilitate are:

  • Basic IT skills
  • Skills for Life – Literacy and numeracy
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Level 2 food safety certificate

As well as others.